Application Samples

Church RegIstration


Application Samples

Your Responsibility

Your church is responsible to decide which participants, parents and volunteers you will accept into the program based on their fitness to participate, their ability to supervise and lead, and / or their safety risk to the students from your church and other churches.


When you sign your church release form and then include someone on your registration form, you are telling us at the Life Training program that you accept this person into the program pending our approval based on our own background screenings, program availability and other factors.

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We worded all of our conference release forms and background check forms so that you MAY be able to use them in fulfilling your local church's requirements for medical releases, parental permission, liability releases and background screening authorizations. 

Your Process

Most churches find it easiest to simply collect registration information by entering it directly into their Group Registration form. They collect the necessary releases and other forms as needed. Then, they perform their own background checks on the adults.


Finally, they review the registration list with a pastor or youth leader to make application acceptance decisions based on their knowledge of the applicants according to their local church policies.


Some churches may feel that additional steps are necessary to ease the process, maximize student safety or minimize liability to the church.  These steps may include creating their own registration forms, applications, packets or reference forms.

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Sample Application Packets

We provide a few samples based on documents that churches have used in the past. Feel free to use them as much as you want and send us your own to share! We cannot make any guarantees that the wording will provide any legal protection for your church or anyone else. Please carefully review and edit these to suit your own needs.