Parents, we feel privileged that you would allow

us to play a part in shaping your child's future!


You ARE The Champions

We applaud your hard work in teaching and modeling godly character day in and day out as your children grow into men & woman of God. Whether or not you plan to join us this year at Life Training, we are excited to work alongside of you by encouraging, helping and serving you!


Join Us at LT

Come see how special it is to experience Life Training with your children. Whether for the week or just a few days, it's worth the investment! Life changes are not limited to students. The whole family is welcome.




Being a part of the same conference as my son has allowed me to grow and learn how to be a more patient and loving father.
— An LT Parent


Keeping It Flexible

We know that it's difficult for parents to take time off work, travel, and join us at the conference. This is especially a challenge if you have multiple children or if you are juggling vacation plans, mission trips and other conferences and camps.


This is why we try to keep things flexible for you. Not every parent can do it every year, but please let us know everything we can do to help you experience first hand God's work in your child's life at Life Training at least once.


The whole family is welcome!

Even grandparents have come. Our Registration Director can provide special pricing and make accommodations for:


  • Younger Kids & Infants
  • Special Dietary or Baby Needs
  • Stays for a Portion of the Week
  • Strategic Housing Assignments
  • Families with 4 or More Participants
  • No Cost Friends & Family Drop-In Policy 

I’m busy. I run a big business unit. I’m involved at church and have four kids. Life Training is a good thing for me, too. I really enjoy the worship and sharing what it’s like a few years ahead of the students.
— Doug Cornelius


Student Protection

Our conference staff take seriously the responsibility of maintaining a safe environment physically, emotionally and spiritually. The university also supports student safety with locking exterior doors in the dorm, front desk attendants and an active campus police force.


All churches attending Life Training must sign an agreement to thoroughly screen all adults attending. They also must attest to their adult volunteers' competence in mentoring and supervising youth. Additionally, we do our own background checks.


The churches who come together to create Life Training are part of an association called Great Commission Churches. We are bound together relationally and through a shared Statement of Faith and Core Values.


Parents and Others are Welcome to Drop in as Guest Visitors for Free

Please read our guest policies and local hotel information - coming soon!