frequently asked questions

For Participants

When is LT?

LT 2019 is from July 13th through July 19th.


Where is LT?

The LT venues are in Wilmington, NC. Lodging is on campus at UNCW Graham Hall, teaching sessions are at Life Community Church, and food and other activities are at Northside Community Church, both within 10 minutes drive from the dorms at UNCW.


What is provided in the rooms?

Per participant: XL twin bed, desk, chair, dresser, two flat sheets, one pillow, one light blanket, bath towel, hand towel, washcloth. Most rooms have two beds; a few have three.  Extra blankets and/or a small fan might be desired for your comfort.


What is the residence hall like? 

It's a three-story air conditioned building with five residence pods, one on the 1st floor and two each on the 2nd and 3rd floors.  Each pod has a single-gender  bathroom containing curtained shower/dressing stalls and community sinks.  Free washers and dryers are on the first floor; laundry detergent is provided.  Access to a refrigerator for medical and/or dietary needs can be accommodated with advance notice.


Can students count LT as community service?

It's likely that the service projects would qualify for community service.  The church leader would need to verify the student's participation.


Can we pick our rooms in Graham?

No.  You can indicate a preferred floor/area and we will do our best, but it won't be our top priority.  If someone needs to be near the bathroom or has other genuine needs, please indicate that on the Housing Assignment form.































For Church Coordinators


What is the purpose of the Vehicle/Driver forms?

Vehicle/Driver forms are used by staff primarily to assign your group to one or more Go Group teams.  Vehicle/Driver Forms give us the information we need to create relatively evenly-divided groups by number of students and adult volunteers. In addition, information from the forms tells us how many parking passes are needed and roughly when people are arriving. This form is needed by the final registration date. 


How do we fill out the Driver Forms?

Section A - Determine who will be driving a vehicle to LT (or who the primary driver will be), how many passengers each will bring in his vehicle, and approximately when they will arrive at LT. This information is used to determine parking pass numbers and timing for dinner on Saturday. We're looking for your best guess at the information at the time you fill out the form. If the information changes dramatically after you submit the form, please revise and send again.


Section B - Determine who will be driving students from activity to activity during the week at LT -- those are the Drivers for Section B. Based on how many people are attending in your group and how many seats are in each vehicle, split the students and volunteers among those vehicles. You are not locked in to those numbers, but please let the Registration Director know ASAP if your numbers change dramatically. Include any additional people who aren't students or volunteers (i.e., siblings or parent tagalongs) in the Other column.


Section C - List anyone who is not included in Section B, so that we account for everyone listed with your church. This would include anyone who will not be participating in Go Group activities.


Can we email the forms instead of mailing them?

Yes, all of the forms can be emailed instead of printed. Please make or keep a copy for the church leaders to have on hand during LT.


What if a participant doesn't have insurance?

Describe the situation on the form.  For instance, list the name of the medical sharing plan used, if that's the case.


Can minors and adults room together?

It is preferred that minors and unrelated adults not room together.  However, if there are circumstances where that is the best option, it is allowed.  A Roommate Waiver must be completed for all minor/adult rooming situations.


What if we end up with a person in a room by themselves?  Do they have to pay the single surcharge?

If it's a minor, there are some triple rooms we can use to keep a minor from being in a room alone.  Indicate that on the Housing Assignment form.  If it's an adult, he/she will not need to pay the single surcharge if the other same-gender adults are already paired up.  If he/she prefers to have a roommate, indicate that on the Housing Assignment form and we will try to pair him/her up with someone from another group.   If an adult has the option of a roommate but indicates that he/she prefers to have a single, the single surcharge will apply.  As long as we have space available, we will accommodate requests for singles.


Do we have to pay for parking passes this year?

Yes.  Please have cash available at check-in for $2/day for each vehicle.  Parking is restricted to the lots indicated on the pass.


What if we have students but no leader of the same gender?

Let us know and we can connect you with another group who may be willing to partner with you to provide adequate leadership of your participants.  


I have a student or volunteer who is 18.  Is he/she an adult or a minor?

Unless he/she has been out of high school for at least a year by the time of LT, he/she is a minor for the purposes of LT.  Minors need parent signatures; adults need background checks.   


What if I'm still confused or need to convey information not asked for on the forms?

Contact Desiré Pierson by phone (732.995.0990) or email (d.pierson@comcast.net).