The time is now!


Give Back From What You've Been Given. 


Return the gift

We all can remember the people who God put in our lives to helped mold us into the men and women we are today.  Now it's your turn to return the gift!


Sign up as a volunteer and watch as God hands you opportunities to share his love with people. Whether it's by preparing meals or simply listening to someone's story, you will be shocked at how God will not only change the lives of other but your life as well. 

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Volunteering changeS lives

This is an opportunity to live your life for God and give to others. Has God already placed a desire on your heart to serve? This is an excellent way to join Christ as He impacts people's lives.


Life Training is just as refreshing and life-stretching for the volunteers who serve as it is for the participants who attend - actually, even more so.  

You will walk alongside other volunteers, learning from them and stretching your own faith in exciting new ways. 


Being a volunteer at LT forced me to learn how to take the focus off of myself and put every ounce of it into showing others the love of Christ
— Cory Locatelli
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Volunteer with Your Church


Adult Volunteer

During the conference, adult volunteers mentor the students from their church and chaperone their minor students. You will work together with your church group leader and other adult volunteers to direct your church's students through the week, maintain their safety and guide them as God grows them.

Some adult volunteers may also serve as Go Group drivers. These volunteers coordinate transportation and communicate logistics to a carload of students from your church during the Go Group activities.

Church Group Leader

The church group leader is the person from your church to whom the pastors entrust the planning and spiritual shepherding of your church's time at LT. You will handle the planning for the trip or oversee others from your church to do so. Your church needs you to make plans for travel, the Church Night Out and evangelism initiatives. You will also need to recruit volunteers and communicate with participants and their parents.

Registration Coordinator

Your church's registration coordinator is in charge of the registration process for your church. Working with your church group leader and our conference Registration Director, you will accept participants' registration information, payments and forms. You will then assemble these to mail to us along with housing and vehicle assignments.

Talk with your local church about how you
can volunteer with them this year!


Volunteer with LT


Staff Volunteer

Staff volunteers are college students or adults who work with the Life Training staff team before, during and after the conference to help put on the conference. This is a powerful opportunity to exercise your God-given skills and talents to radically impact hundreds of lives.


We have roles that take little time and roles that take lots of time. We have opportunities to serve whether you can commit only during the conference week, only outside the conference week or both.



Student Volunteer

Student volunteers are regular conference participants who either commit a little time or a lot of time during the conference to fulfill some conference staff needs. Your experience will be similar to being a conference intern. You will participate with your church but also work alongside our staff, taking in the rewards and challenges of both sides of the conference experience.


Some older student volunteers may be asked to serve as Go Group Guides. Here, you guide younger students through their Go Group activities and evangelism projects. You will be responsible for instruction, planning, logistics and some spiritual mentoring. Our staff provides some extra instructional and coaching input to students in this role.

Scroll down for a list of specific opportunities to volunteer with LT.


Volunteer Roles at LT

Each One is a Great Leadership Development and Service Opportunity


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We Offer Adult Volunteer Training Sessions

These training sessions during the conference are open to any volunteers, parents and staff who wish to attend.

The sessions primarily communicate important information and logistics which your church leader and volunteers need.


HAs Your Church Never Been to LT?

Why Not Come For Free as a Church Pioneer Leader?