Pioneer Leaders


HAs Your Church Never Been to LT?


One of your leaders could come for free!


Check it Out!

We are usually able to offer a FREE leader's scholarship each year for two churches that have never attended the conference. Contact our Conference Director for details.


We believe that LT is a uniquely life transforming experience. Most people hear of youth conference and how great they are but stop short of checking them out because they know that all youth conferences are "great".


Those who have experienced LT know that it is a far deeper transformation. The Lord reaches people here in unique ways and adjusts the paths of their lives profoundly in many cases.

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toot our own horn?

Our intention is not to. But, we must give glory to God for His work in developing something greater than the sum of all of our individual efforts in putting together the conference. 


We so believe that you'll agree that we make these limited Pioneer Scholarships available every year. As the conference grows, it can become more affordable and available to more students.


Why Not Come?

Whether your church is a member of the Great Commission Churches association or not, we invite you. Why not send at least one leader, a volunteer or a parent to check it out for free? You can even come for just part of the week. We want you to experience it first hand.


Ask the Lord if He wants to do something at LT with your students, you leaders, your families, and your church. Then contact our Conference Director for scholarship details.


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Ever since I attended as a college student, I’ve believed that LT is something beyond a typical youth conference.

Not only does it change lives for Christ, it develops laborers for the Kingdom and envisions the next generation of church leaders who will reach the world with the Gospel.
— Ross Thomas (Former LT Conference Director)