Expect Something Great

Expect Something Great


Kick Start your Spiritual Life

Learn to hear from God daily. Gain confidence to share the Gospel with friends and family. Learn from seasoned experts of God's Word who've been following Christ and changing the world for years.

Life Training is a safe testing ground where you can practice genuine community, worship, personal devotion and evangelism. It's a microcosm of the Christian life.



Teens, college students and parents are immersed in authentic fellowship and build life-long friendships with peers and mentors.
— Tom Short // Campus Evangelist


Experience Authentic Fellowship

Come dive into an environment of genuine Christian community. Worship God in every moment of life. Experience the awe of offering God praise that comes from a pure heart and a pure life.


Catch the vision to spread God's Kingdom to the ends of the earth. 

Imagine it. Enjoy fellowship and worship together with your peers while experiencing it all amid the college dorm life.


Life Training is a greenhouse for envisioning students toward their next steps in life - and a launching point to get them there.
— Ross Thomas // Former Conference Director


Walk the Journey Together

Growth in Jesus Christ is a journey walked with family, friends and your local church. Life Training plays an important role along with all of you who do the hard work of spiritual growth throughout the year.


We are here to spark and re-energize that journey. We come alongside churches and families to help prepare students to become fully devoted, life-long followers of Jesus Christ who will take His Gospel wherever God may lead them.