Final Deadline

Church RegIstration


3 - Final Deadline


YouR Final Mailing

Final Deadline:  June, 1st

Please send your final registration forms by this deadline and include...

  1. All remaining release forms for every person you are registering.

  2. All remaining Background check forms for your group. (Required for everyone registering who is 18 years old or more AND over one year out of high school.)

  3. One check from your church covering all remaining balances

  4. A Excel file of your updated Group Registration spreadsheet

Church Leaders discussing LT

If someone you have registered must cancel, you MAY be able to credit their deposit toward a new person whom you register later.

Late registrations after the final deadline cannot be guaranteed. They must be handled case by case directly through our Registration Director.


Send registration materials to:


Life Training Conference
613 Leisure Lane
Blacksburg, VA 24060

Make church payment checks payable to:



Grace Community Church