Last Minute Prep

Church RegIstration


4 - Last Minute Prep

Some Final Details

June 15, 2018 - Housing & Go Group Driver Assignments

Please email our Registration Director the forms relating to the final details below. Please minimize changes after this deadline and keep us informed so that we can decide whether it is feasible to accommodate any late changes. 

  1. Your church's Housing Assignments form.

  2. Any Roommate Waivers you may need in order to request an exception to our policy of no minors rooming with unrelated adults.

  3. Your Vehicle/Driver form which indicate:

    • How many cars you are bringing to LT, so we know how many parking passes you need.

    • When each car plans to arrive, so we can have hot pizza waiting for you!

    • Roughly how you are arranging cars and passengers during LT, so we can assign each car to a Go Group.

For logistical reasons, we assign each carload to a particular Go Group. Ideally, cars from different churches will be mixed in Go Groups. Please indicate on the Vehicle/Driver form if your church has specific requirements or requests regarding Go Group assignments.

Church Leaders discussing LT

Travel 2.jpg

Please let us know if your church plans to use transportation during LT other than individual vehicles or vans. 


For instance, in the past, we have planned for people traveling by bus to split between two Go Groups, dropping people off at project locations somewhat near each other.