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Church RegIstration


1 - Getting Started


First Things First

You will need to meet and discuss the following with your church's primary group leader for LT or a pastor authorized to make shepherding decisions for your students.

  1. Pray for your church's LT experience.

  2. Review your church's policies on child protection & background screenings for adults and adult volunteers.

  3. Decide if you will use formal applications for LT and how you will decide who to accept into the program. (See our Application Samples for help.)

  4. Also decide on the prices and deadlines you will advertise locally. Most churches set deadlines a week early and adjust prices to account for scholarship, fundraisers, travel costs and the Church Night Out.

  5. Fill out the Church Group Release form and email or mail it to us right away. This will help us communicate with you promptly. (It is important that you do actually read it carefully.)

Life Training Conference
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We do not allow participants to register individually. To maximize student safety, all churches register as a group.

Each church defines their own application process so that the primary responsibility of deciding which students, parents and adult volunteers to accept into the Life Training program stays with your local church.