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Are you ready for the battle?

Be inspired. Get motivated. Discover a life of significance.

Learn how God has given us the freedom to live our lives unashamed of who we are and of who God is. Learn to live victoriously in the overcoming power of the Holy Spirit.


Let God show you the life you're called to.


Register with Your Church!

Register now! Contact a youth leader or pastor at your local church to sign up.


You must register through your own church or another church attending Life Training. This helps us give you the most effective mentoring and safest environment.


Is Your Church Not Going?

Encourage your church to sign up now! Ask a church leader to check out our website and contact us with any questions.


If your church cannot attend this year, contact our Registration Director to see if it's possible for you to attend with another church group in your area of the country.


Your Church's Pricing & Deadlines

Each church will set its own pricing and deadlines to account for local travel needs, additional outing costs & any scholarships or fundraising opportunities they may offer.


But, you can see the deadlines & pricing below that we require of your church. Also, this is the easiest way to find any forms that you may need.


Are You a Church Leader who Wants to Sign up Your Church?


HAs Your Church Never Been to LT?

Why Not Come For Free as a Church Pioneer Leader?