Learning how to defend one’s faith is a critical component of the Unleashed track, and Tom Short is uniquely qualified to equip these eager students.
— Tom Millar (Life Training Director)


College Track

Has the Lord used Tom Short's campus visits, sermons and conference talks to strength your faith, answer your questions and inspire you to live all out for Christ?

Imagine joining Tom for a week, learning how to stand firm and answer the hard questions of our faith. Take this great opportunity to get to know him personally and grow your faith like never before.


Every college student needs to prepare for the challenges ahead. Unleashed! is the perfect way to prepare for many of our students. If this doesn't sound like the best fit for you, then the standard Life Training track is also a great opportunity for college students looking to spark their faith and ministry skills.



  • Get Dedicated Time with Tom Short
  • Learn to Think Critically and Answer Difficult Questions About Your Faith
  • Develop Your Own Personal Conviction Statements
  • Learn to Communicate Truth to Others Boldly yet Gently
  • Identify & Handle Intimidation Tactics Found on Campuses



  • The Existence of God

  • Creation vs Evolution

  • The Reliability of the Bible

  • Biblical Foundations of our Nation

  • The Differences Among Other Religions


Face the Challenges of College

Our vision is to unleash passionate, steadfast men & women of God onto our world's campuses - equipped to engage our culture. You need to be prepared for the philosophical and moral challenges you will face.


At our College "Unleashed" Track, you will get extra time with an expert who has handled these challenges head-on for decades. Tom Short will give you about 20 hours hours of apologetics, doctrinal and character training to help you combat the spiritual challenges most students face in college. Come learn how to stand firm and be confident.


Still participate with your church

In addition to the classroom sessions, you will still participate in many of your local church's activities and main conference sessions.


Since your church is likely looking to you to help set an example for younger students, you will still join your church for one or more of the evangelism projects.


You will also spend time with all of the other Life Training participants in the dorm down times, during most meals, at tie-downs and at other church group meetings. Plus, you will join your church's Night Out.



Featured Speaker

        Tom Short

International Speaker & Apologist

Columbus, OH

Tom Short

As a pastor and evangelist, Tom has spent much of his life traveling to campuses and communities across our nation and world. He reaches hundreds with the Gospel weekly by publicly proclaiming and defending the truths of the Bible.


Tom speaks to large crowds of both believers and skeptics on college campuses. He is an expert at combatting the misconceptions and faulty world views on college campuses.

This Track is Open to Graduating High School Seniors & Older

Younger students in high school may attend the college track with the recommendation of church leaders and conference staff. College students may choose either the teen track or college track depending of which best suites their own needs.